Monday, 30 April 2007


a great weekend!

the highlights:

  • dinner, drinks + laughs with my friend L

  • watching my husband + her boyfriend A falling drunkenly into a bush while clinging to each other in the hope of staying upright - it's not big, it's not clever......but it really was very funny!

  • snuggling all day sunday with a sleepy + hungover husband

  • watching stranger than fiction on dvd. this was such a sweet film + in it, maggie gyllenhaal's character has my dream job - running a little bakery, serving homemade cookies + cupcakes. wow, lucky girl.

  • finding out that bernadette at sugarloop has put another batch of spring tree prints up for sale + managing to snap one up! this design is a little different to the first (linked to last week) but equally beautiful.
  • the relief that my sent swap packages made it to their recipients safely + delight at their response. both nikole + donna seem to be happy with what was sent......thanks girls! here they are before being shipped off to canada + scotland respectively (the packages, not the girls!)

button swap package red, white + blue, british-themed vintage button swap package

completed swap package

+ the tuquoise hued, mellow + yellow swap one.

i'm off to dream about the cookies i'll serve in my imaginery bakery......

hope you all had a lovely weekend too!



hazeljoy said...

lovely colours - i always seem to admire what other people put together... grass is greener(!) and all that x

maggienikole said...

i'd buy those heinz beans just for the color of the tin! so cute!

cally said...

cute blog!

Sarah said...

Beautiful package. I love the Baked Beans and I don't even like Baked Beans!

rebecca said...

Wow - what wonderful parcels!

marta said...

seriously i love that you chose turquoise. what thoughtful things. a perfect package!!

alyson. said...

your package for the mellow + yellow swap is so cute. I love that the baked beans are turquoise!! how perfect!

Azma said...

Yes, love the book and the beans..once I met someone who came here from abroad who said the thing he was looking forward to in England was eating Heinz Baked Beans!