Tuesday, 24 April 2007


prepare yourselves. this post is going to be filled with so much gorgeousness, you might struggle to cope with your swap envy. you are also going to want to adopt my wonderful swap partner nikole as your new best friend......but you can't have her, she's mine!

this sexy little number turned up on my doorstep on friday morning.......

a sexy little package arrived at my door

because i was just on my way out the door with my friend jules (more of that tomorrow) i didn't get a chance to open it, even though i was absolutely dying to. to cut a long story short, i didn't actually get to open it until saturday morning. this was a result of a very late return home on friday + the lack of daylight for me to take step by step photos - yes, the anticipation was excruciating!

anyway, first layer of wrapping off (don't you just love the lacy tape?), box opened + i was greeted by this......

a silly package discription....

inside was a charming little discription of the whole package and where everything came from. nikole decided to send all reused + recycled items, which is so clever + fits in perfectly with the vintage theme of the swap. the box itself was divided into three layers (to resemble a three layer cake - how sweet is that?) + the first one looked like this......

top layer

JEEZY PEEPS! is the bunny not the cutest thing you've ever seen? hasn't she arranged it so beautifully? imagine the delight at knowing this is only just the beginning, there are still two more layers to go!
:: top layer contents ::
a pretty duck-egg buckle
duck-egg + brown speckled feather
an air mail envelope from japan......

top layer detail

a lovely scattering of vintage buttons
the beautiful bunny pin - made by sonja ahlers from recycled sweaters

on to the patriotic middle layer......

middle layer

:: middle layer contents ::
cool little recycled notepad from five + a half
bulldog clip from japan
stripy string from austria
a canadian stamp + funky maple leaf button - homage to nikole's homeland......

oh canada!

10 other colourful buttons (special mention to the little blue one (top left) and the red + white stripy/spotty one!

this layer freaked me out a bit when i uncovered it - you'll understand why once nikole has received her package + i'm able to talk about what i sent her......it's quite scary.......but in a cool way.

last (but by no means least) we reach the bottom layer......

bottom layer

:: bottom layer contents ::
a beautiful black + green leaf, glass button from the czech republic
3 chunky beauties - she got these from an estate sale - $5 for someone's whole collection, why can't i find things like that!?!
4 cute hors d'ouvres sticks
a yummy bar of soap
the sweetest little message + tag

i. love. everything.

thanks nikole, you really are the best + i hope you're not too disappointed with your package, cause i know it doesn't even come close to this one.

everthing is laid out so perfectly + looks so good on it's corrugated card that i don't want to take it apart. i think i'm going to leave it all as it is for now as i can't bear to break up the collections just yet......maybe i could hang them on my wall!?!

oops, too late - the bunny's already broken free!

giant daisies

have a great day. xx


little special said...

just realised i've already named a post "vintage button swap deux" - can't be bothered going back to edit it as it always mucks all of my spacing up, so let me apologise for being so unimaginative!

this post will now be called vintage button swap deux duex.


marta said...

wow. seriously, wow. she went above and beyond. what a savvy swapper. can't beat that presentation!!

Ali said...

You're not kidding - that package really was something special!

maggienikole said...

my favorite photo is of little bunny in the grass, so cute!

he didn't originally come with that little winter scarf but i thought it was a funny little addition. plus i should actually now tell what kind of wool that is because you might get a kick out of it...

maggienikole said...

oh and thanks for the nice comments marta and ali!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous package! Whoever started this swapping stuff is brilliant. How uplifting to receive a cute package like this to start your day!

Barrennass Blue said...

Nikole told me she was in a button swap. it doesn't surprise me how beautiful that sweet little package was. Everything that talented little girl does is brilliant... lucky you to have her as a swap partner... fabulous idea by the way! xox it...

hazeljoy said...

lovely lovely lovely (one for each layer) swap. how generous.
just thought i should return the favour of saying hello, nice to meet another brit-on-a-blog