Wednesday, 25 April 2007


things seem to have calmed down a little bit after the last few days of button swap excitement!

a few days ago i said i'd tell you about my jam-packed couple of days with jules, so that's what today's post is all about.

we started off on friday with lunch, so a visit to carluccios was in order - delicious.
tummies full, and onto selfridges......i LOVE selfridges, it has so much to offer - great stationery, an excellent mix of clothes (high street + exclusive), fantastic homewares, amazing foodhall, i could easily stay in there for hours. we didn't though, just bought a couple of little bits + pieces, then battled our way up oxford street to topshop. now......i also LOVE topshop + in theory should adore the gigantic one at oxford circus, but i don't. it totally overwhelms me......there are too many things...... i can't seem to take it all in! i know there's some great stuff in there, but i never seem to be able to find it - drop me into a normal sized topshop though + i'll find loads i like. it's a strange one, but i do still get lured in by it's sheer size - maybe one day i'll learn!

we then moved our shopping trip onto covent garden, where we had a bit of a browse before succumbing to our tummies once more - wagamama this time......yum!
i'd managed to book half-price theatre tickets the day before, so we finished our day off brilliantly with a trip to see dancing in the streets......
 was really good! i'm mad on motown music, so i was in my element + jules loved it too, so it was a great end to a lovely but exhausting day.

the following day was destined to be a more chilled out affair, we took our time getting ready before heading into london again. first on the agenda was buying a picnic to take with us to the V&A - cue EAT for salads + sandwiches......

cupcake box

and peyton & byrne for some delicious cupcakes - check out these beauties......

strawberry cream cupcake

strawberry cream + choc mint
(both fared pretty well but the heat did take it's toll on the crispy dried strawberries!)

minty chocolate cupcake

because it was such a beautiful day outside, we had to force ourselves into the museum to see the kylie exhibition. it was worth it though, there are some amazing costumes + photographs on show - it's so interesting to see how her outfits look in real life compared to on stage or in photos. i'm honestly not kidding when i say that most of them look really, really tacky......even the dolce + gabbana ones, we couldn't believe it! the best ones in the exhibition were two stage costumes by john galliano (from the showgirl + showgirl homecoming tours), these really were gorgeous + so beautifully made - view them
here + here.

before we left the museum for home there was time enough for a look round the fantastic shop + for me to treat myself to a few little goodies......

V&A goodies

a cute pattern-cutting sketchbook and two funky cards, featuring designs from

all in all a lovely couple of days spent with a very special friend.

hope i didn't bore you all too much with my rambling!



ali said...

Thank you for popping by my blog. I love to make new friends, and I feel right at home in your space--this post in particular, dedicated to London + shopping: two of my true loves. I lived in London for a couple of months on summer and I daresay they were some of the best: I hit up Selfridges, Topshop and Wagamamas on High Street. But missed David & Byrne. Maybe next time...

Thanks for sharing your journeys.

Sweet Treat said...

Hee hee! This sounds like my day in London... which only happens twice a year, but I can not beat a cafe latte at Carluccios... I would hug that man if I could get my arms around him! And those cupcakes are a bit mind blowing... will have to put them on the itinerary for the next visit... I also love the V&A. My new discovery last trip. I didn't do the Kylie thing... or the shop as it was closed for stock taking. I could've cried! T

Sarah said...

You have described my perfect day in London! I loved walking through those revolving doors at Selfridges and the stationery department was where I spent the most time. Peyton and Byrne definitely wasn't there when I lived there, I think I would have smelt those cupcakes! Love Topshop, but know what you mean about it being overwhelming.

Azma said...

Yes, where is that cake shop? (Sorry I seem to make greedy foody comments on here all the time...)
Sounds like you had a fantastic time.

little special said...

thanks for all the lovely comments guys!

Azma - Peyton & Byrne is in the doorway between Habitat + Heals on Tottenham Court Road - you're guarenteed to love it if you go!