Friday, 27 April 2007


back again! two posts in one day is an undeniable achievement
......or might that be a miracle? you decide!

so here are the photos of my swap package from donna - they're still not great, but i didn't know how long i'd have to hold-off for some proper sunlight + i couldn't wait any longer to show you! scroll between today's + yesterday's posts for more details.

mellow + yellow swap booty

......the swap booty in all it's green-hued glory

mellow + yellow swap

......a bit more detail

m + y swap - necklace amazing necklace with beautiful glass beads - do you
see what i mean about it reminding me of the seaside?

m + y swap - pad cute little pad. how cool is the sausage dog in his orla-esque coat!?!

m + y swap - buttons

......and last, but by no means least, the wonderful vintage buttons!

have a great weekend everyone (especially you donna, you amazing swapper you!)



ali said...

Cute. Cute. Cute.

I want the vase and I adore the sausage dog; I love anything that's cute + humorous.

Was your swap partner overseas? Am wondering how long it took for hers to get to you/yours to get to her? My partner lives in the UK too and am curious about the timeframe.

Congrats on a cute and thoughtful gift.

laceyJ. said...

Thanks for your comment! What a beautiful package (beautiful blog, too)! That pad of paper is adorable.

kat said...

Such great things! The necklace is beautiful. The pad loads of fun. Really lots of fun + useful things.
Swaps are fun huh?

Maditi said...

love your green and gorgeous gifts :)