Thursday, 19 April 2007



just discovered
sandra isaksson (via tania's blog), who is a uk-based graphic designer/illustrator.


her work is right up my street and the best thing is......she has an
online shop!

these are a few of my favourite things:

:this counting poster:

the beautiful illustrations in this book


:these daisy prints:

this funky custom wallpaper


these retro style cups


the observant among you will notice that most of these things are for kids......i don't have any kids......says a lot about my maturity doesn't it. I don't care, i unashamedly want them all!


maggienikole said...

love the new color! almost the same color as my scooter :)

maggienikole said...

oh and i love that the whales have such cute teeth.

little special said...

Didn't even realise the whales had teeth! Now i have, they're even better than i thought!


Azma said...

They've got some lovely stuff, thanks for sharing it! Have a great weekend, sounds like you've got it all planned...

tania said...

i do too! i can't stand how wonderful her stuff is-
it's brilliant!

Jessica said...

This is a great post filled with some lovely little patterns and prints. I especially love the dish, you don't see all over pattern on dishes that often. It just seems to work!

Kate said...

the cup and plate are soo cute!

little special said...

thanks for the comments guys, i really appreciate you taking the time to write something.


julie said...

Lovely find - i love that little wooden bowl with the two ends and the two retro style bowls - thanks for the link!

Maditi said...

I don´t have any kids either ... and I love everything too :)