Wednesday, 11 July 2007


it's been a long time.

for various different reasons, i haven't had proper internet access since my last post + unfortunately, it doesn't look like the situation is going to change any time soon. C + i have just moved to a new town for his new job + we're currently living in a hotel. as you can well imagine, life is a bit different for us both just now - mega changes are underway but some exciting stuff too.

at the moment, i'm sitting in the reception area of a premier travel inn (no expense spared on the part of his new employers - ha ha!) and spending £1 for 10 minutes internet access. needless to say, any posts for the next little while will be short + sweet - we've got a new house to be spending our money on!

it's unbeleivable how much i've missed the blogging world while i've been away. i'm totally amazed at how much losing it from my day-to-day routine has affected me, especially after only being involved for such a short time. i'm desperate to catch up on what everyone's been up to (there's an awful lot of reading to be done) + also get back in touch with you all. i really have missed you, it may be a bit sad but it's completely true. thank you so much for all the lovely comments posted while i've been away - it's been great to come back to such a nice welcome.

i'm off now to crack on with all of my emails + blog reading - hopefully be back soon.