Thursday, 26 April 2007


today the postie brought another lovely package to my door! this time it was from the very talented donna, my partner from marta's mellow + yellow swap.

now, i don't know what i did to deserve so many gorgeous things all in one week, but this was another cracking package + i'm such a lucky girl!

these were the rules of the swap......

choose a favorite hue + incorporate your colour theme throughout your entire package.
participants are asked to send three items both mellow + colourful to their swapping partner. be creative with your interpretation. think of items that are simple, unique + lovely. focus more on your chosen colour palette than on monetary value. your colour will be a surprise to your swap partner. choose items that will delight. objects can be vintage, new or handmade. your partner will be sending 3 items in a colour all her own

clever donna chose green. i really, really like green!

when i opened the box, this is what i found......

......six pretty little parcels, waiting to be unwrapped!

i'm really sorry about the poor quality of the photo - there's absolutely zero light here today. because of this, i haven't managed to take any good shots of what was inside the little packages......the ones i took just didn't do anything justice. so, hopefully i'll be able to post some good ones tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's what the sweet little tags say + what was inside each one......

:: clockwise from left ::

...not strictly green, but too cute to pass up...

a funky little block pad with creatures on - v.cute indeed! bring a little bit of outdoors indoors...

a pretty matt green vase, just waiting for a simple white flower

...these remind me of summer - my favourite time of year...

WOW! a beatiful, delicate necklace, made from natural string + pale green glass beads. i'm picturing sea-glass, beach huts + sunshine! i think donna made this's so lovely + she's so clever.

...light to relax by...

a scented candle in shades of green, hmmm...looking forward to lighting this + soaking in a nice bubbly bath!

...vintage...for your collection?

an amazing selection of vintage buttons, i. love. every. single. one. AND good for you!

some wonderful green tea with lemon - jacksons of piccadilly, my favourite brand!

thank you donna for putting so much thought into your package + for choosing so well, everything is really great. i love it all + can't wait to show it off tomorrow


lone dandie

(a photo from my collection - it's mainly green + i like it!)

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