Monday, 21 May 2007


  1. wishing i had tickets for the chelsea flower show
  2. settling for the flower show coverage on the BBC
  3. packing up our belongings to move out
  4. looking for somewhere new to live. we're moving in with friends in the meantime, but need to find something else soon!
  5. trying not to be too stressed out by the previous two things
  6. replying to the much-appreciated emails from neglected bloggy friends
  7. dreaming of better weather - come on mr sun, you can do it
  8. eating take-away so i don't have to cook
  9. reading this cute book
  10. celebrating my second wedding anniversary - if not already separated after the moving + stressing!

all in all a very busy week. hope you have a good one.


Ali said...

You've got to love Chelsea!

Azma said...

Yes I always plan getting tickets a year in advance then I forget.. Try not to get too stressed and very happy anniversay!

I'm Andrea said...

you've got your work cut out for you! good luck! i love your blog. thanks for posting.

kelly said...

good luck! don't stress!

happy anniversary + happy weekend...hope our sunshine holds on a little longer?! busy times are in the air i think...

i've stopped by lots of your blog! x