Friday, 11 May 2007


it's been a stressful, crazy, mental week + i've been AWOL for far too long - i'm so sorry, did you miss me? i thought not! as a result i feel i've got to fill this post with something good, something that's been worth the week of neglect, i can't promise anything but i will try.

inspired by a couple of brave little bloggers, who posted about the 'real' them (step forward ali, alyson, tonia + sarah ) + their subsequent "if you're reading this then consider yourself tagged" tag, i've decided to get a grip + let you in to the 'real' me.

now, it's not like you all think i'm perfect anyway (surely not!) but i totally get the idea that when you're reading someones blog, you generally just see the person that the blogger wants you to see - not necessarily the real one that lives behind all the loveliness.

so here goes, my five confessions......

number 1
- i graduated with a fashion degree over 8 years ago + have only made one item of clothing since - it was however, an elvis jumpsuit for my husband and probably doesn't really count! i'm actually really ashamed of this, although i didn't study fashion to become a designer (i was more interested in the buying/business side of things), i do feel i should be putting what i learned to more use. i'm just scared to give it a try now in case it's a total disaster.

number 2
- for the last few years i haven't done any exercise (at all!) + yet i complain about how i look. every. single. day. don't get me wrong, i'm not big, but i hate all of the wobbly bits that have become a part of me. even though i know i've only got myself to blame, i never seem to shift my (big) bum into gear to do anything about it or turn down the offer of a cake!

number 3
- hmmm, cake that's another one. i always bully other people into eating cakes or similarly fattening things. if i want one, i persuade the person i'm with to have one too so that i don't feel so guilty about it. this is terrible i know, but i do stop short of force-feeding my victims, so that makes it ok, doesn't it?

number 4
- i find selling my work very hard - going out + promoting what i make really scares me. i think it's mainly a confidence thing (as are most of my confessions in a round-about way) but i also wonder why anyone would want to buy something that i've made, when they could probably do it themselves. does anyone else who makes things for a living feel like this?

number 5
- i don't wash my bedding or clean my bathroom nearly as often as i should. i'm not going to go into any more detail than that, no timescales or examples, i just simply should do it more often. i'm so glad my mother-in-law isn't reading this, she'd be disgusted......but there it is, i said it + i'm not proud, but it's true!

phew, done + dusted. now it's your turn, yes you! if you're reading this (+ haven't already done your own version) consider yourself well + truly tagged. post five 'confessions' about the real you on your own blog - go on, you know you want to!

night night



ali said...

Oh goodie, you're back. I missed you as I'm sure others did too.

Loved this post! You had me smiling ear to ear and chuckling a bit, too. I think it was the word "wobbly" that got to me. It definitely rings true over here, too.

Thanks for sharing. A great last thing to read before I shut down the computer for the day.

alyson. said...

wonderful post! I feel you on the confidence level of selling things you make. I haven't yet. and I will, but I find myself thinking the same thing. why would someone buy this? but then I tell myself the truth... there is always someone, even if it is just my Mom. :)

Hear Me Roar! said...

I just found your blog by happenstance, but I'm definitely going to mark it for future reading. I identify with your number 4 confession so strongly, that even though I've had my own business for almost 5 years, the only shop that carries my stuff is the first shop that came up to me and asked. I haven't been able to come up to anyone else and say "Hi, please judge me and what I do and tell me if I'm worthy". Because even if that's not what you're saying, that IS what you're asking, you know what I mean? BUT I have to tell you to take baby steps with yourself. Start selling on (I just posted a store this week). Send postcards to stores about your stuff so they can contact you. Talk about yourself like you're great. TREAT yourself like you're great! Eventually it will start to sink in. And if it doesn't, we'll have cake together.

And it's nice to meet you in a roundabout way.

cally said...

Hiya, Thanks for your comment. Can I just say, I could copy most of your real me things straight into my own blog and barely need to adjust them at all!

But hey, on that last one, the environment is such a handy justification now (but I can't pretend that that was originally in my thoughts when I didn't wash/clean enough).

On the making things query, I think a lot of us feel that way. It's weird though, because I also get hte feeling all the time of 'hey, I make nicer stuff than thet [that being mass procuced things], why doesn't someone pay me for stuff'.

But if someone actually offers me money or work I feak and think no, why, I can't do that, you won't like it, I'm crap at making. We are crazy aren't we. Like you say, it's all about confidence.

Sarah said...

Oh I love this post. So many things I can relate to. In fact a lot more than to write here so I am going to email you.

paper-and-string said...

oh my! we are the same, I did a costume design degree 8 years ago and do not use it at all...I am wobbly from NO exercise ever, I make cake, a lot, AND really find it hard to believe I sell my wares!!
hello strangely similar person :-)

Curlew Country said...

Think I should join this club too! I'm blaming all the rain we've got now for not having the chance to line dry the bedding. Can't possibly turn the heating on just to dry the sheets. Hope your hotel life isn't enforced for too much longer - really pleased to have discovered this wonderful blog.