Saturday, 12 May 2007


bargains, bargains, bargains......that's what i got!

like i said yesterday, the past week has been pretty rubbish here in the little special household. so, like any girl worth her salt, i indulged in a bit of retail therapy. nothing huge, nothing expensive, but a few nice bits + bobs all the same.

lookie lookie, i will show you my haul (albeit with dull, rainy-day photographs) -

first off, we have some goodies from primark - yes, the shops are like jumble-sales but i persevered + managed to find a couple of things i liked which were also in my size - result!

burnt-out flower vest

a charcoal smocky vest top with burn-out flower detail (£6)

brown top

+ a chocolate brown smocky, long-line top (£6)

on to faithful old topshop, where i picked up......


......this cute little necklace with beads, mother-of-pearl discs + sweet little embroidered felt flowers. so delicate + pretty, i couldn't resist!

top + beads

new sandals

i also bought these gladiator sandals which i really need your combined opinion on. you know when you like something but you're not sure if it's just you, well that's how i feel about these shoes. are they really ugly + tacky or are they pretty fabulous? please help + let me know what you honestly think!

finally, to demonstrate that it's not ALL about me, there's the best little outfit ever that we bought for my husband's cousin's baby boy. prepare yourselves because it's unbelievably cute......

cute outfit for henry

......look at that shirt + the shoes! i told you didn't i? cute. cute. cute.

close-up of shirt

i absolutely love this fabric + wish i could buy it by the metre.
congratulations baby gap, you've done it again!

anyway, that's surely enough showing off for one day, so i'll be off.



rebecca said...

Oh wow that is such a cool boys outfit - I might have to copy you on that one!

I like your tops and beads too - gotta love Primark!

ali said...

Wowee; fun for you. How do I get my hands on Primark stuff? I keep reading about it and am completely mystified! Cute designs, by the looks of it.

I, for one, think the sandals are totally fab. I adore them.

Azma said...

I love the black and white vest, and the baby outfit, but I'm going to be honest now, so I hope you don't mind...I'm not sure about jewels on the Russell Crowe sandals...sorry!

maggienikole said...

your back, your back i'm so glad. hope all the moving and what not went okay.

i love those sandals, they are fabulous. i wish i could buy them here, i want a pair! and i love the first dress too, looks like you had a good shopping day! i think maybe i should do my masters in the UK just so i can shop at all your great shops!

anyway, glad your back.
talk soon.
oh and ps i completely relate to your confessions post yesterday!

Sarah said...

The shopping gods were smiling on you. I love the sandals. Will look so cute with jeans.
Primark was not at all cool when I lived in the UK. Now I want to go check it out. A friend who has just come back from London calls it Primani and has a lot of lovely stuff from there! Oh and I am so glad you are back too. Missed your lovely posts!

Kate said...

The sandals...a definite yes!