Monday, 14 May 2007


white choc in jug

at the request of
marta + jamieanne, here are the super-simple recipies from yesterdays post:

:: top hats ::

100g chocolate (i use a really nice belgian milk one but any type you like will work) -
20-30 marshmallows - 20-30 smarties or m + m's
  • set out 20-30 petit-four cases
  • melt the chocolate
  • pour a little chocolate into the base of each petit-four case
  • plop a marshmallow into each pool of chocolate
  • dot a little bit of chocolate on top of the marshmallows
  • pop a smartie/m + m on top
  • place in the fridge to set

:: mars bar crispie cakes ::

these are pretty much a free for all + i just chuck in what i've got in the cupboard. on saturday the ingredients were something along the lines of -

5 mars bars (milky ways in the US) - 50g milk chocolate - a splash of milk - 125g rice crispies (rice pops?) - 50g white chocolate

  • lightly grease a swiss roll tin
  • melt the mars bars + milk chocolate
  • add a splash of milk to loosen the mixture
  • stir in the crispies
  • press the mixture into your tin
  • melt the white chocolate + drizzle it excitedly over the top
  • pop in the fridge to set

:: C's smarties cookies ::

100g butter (softened) - 100g light muscavado sugar - 1 tbsp golden syrup - 150g self-raising flour - 100g smarties

  • preheat the oven to 180c
  • beat the butter + sugar together 'til light + fluffy
  • mix in the syrup
  • add half the flour + stir through
  • add the smarties with the remaining flour
  • bring dough together
  • divide into 14 balls
  • pop the balls on a baking sheet
  • bake for around 12 mins 'til golden
  • cool on a wire rack

ta-dah! if any of you try these, let me know how you get on. enjoy!



marta said...

oooh thank you, thank you. am adding these beauts to my recipe bible.

jamieanne said...

Thank you thank you thank you! You are too kind.

hazeljoy said...

..mmmm.. my mouth is watering...

Anonymous said...

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Regards Cecilia