Thursday, 17 May 2007


Fisheye Lamb did didn't you!?!

how could anyone NOT smile at this wee guy, look at his contented little face - he's the cutest little lamb-that-looks-like-a-camel the world has ever seen!

C took this with the fisheye camera i bought him for his birthday. the shot doesn't work very well at this size on blogger, but if you click on it, you can see it full size over on flickr. it's taken a few rolls of film to get used to it, but it's definitely been worth it to get this shot, i love it.

as you've no doubt guessed, i'm a total sucker for fisheye style animal shots - find some great ones here, just click on 'world archive', type in whatever you're looking for a photo of (e.g. dog), click on search, sit back + enjoy the results!


1 comment:

Azma said...

Very sweet- I actually thought it was a little mini camel!