Sunday, 13 May 2007


yesterday, C + i spent part of the day in the kitchen churning out sweet treats to take round for our friend A's birthday. now, when i show you the photos of what we made you might be fooled into thinking A has just turned 5, but he hasn't, he's actually 25!

now, i'm all for making fancy cakes + bakes (in fact i absolutely love it), but sometimes only good old, kitsch, kid's party food hits the spot. oh + didn't it just! we stopped short of doing the whole jelly + ice-cream thing, but did produce 2 old faithfuls - top hats + mars bar crispie cakes.

top hats are great, look at them, they're amazing aren't they? i seriously could eat about twenty in one go - why, oh why, don't i make them more often?

top hats

mars bar crispie cakes with an over-zealous drizzling of white choc

white choc drizzle

the best thing of all, for me, was that C made the effort in the kitchen alongside me. i'm the main cook in the house, but i love when we work together in the kitchen as a team. i love it even more when he makes these gorgeous smarties cookies! yes i am the luckiest girl in the whole world - he doesn't do it often, but when he does it's well worth the wait! yum.

smarties cookies

anyway, i need to go + deliver the goodies, so have a lovely evening.


P.S. i wish i could pop round to each one of your houses with some treats, especially after all of the lovely comments i've received over the last couple of days. thank you, it really means a lot. xx


marta said...

those treats look delicious. mm. mm. mm. pretty please, post recipes!!

Anna said...


thanks for popping around my blog (its amazing to see where people come from!) Your baking certainly looks delicious (im definately now going to make some cupcakes for my sisters afternoon tea birthday party on sunday :) )


jamieanne said...

OK, I'm not exactly sure what those Top Hats are (recipe please), but I am quite certain that I could down 20 in one go as well. The look dee-vine!